HHAEFI Information

Field Layout:

The flying field is a 1400’ grass runway oriented in an east-west (runways 9-27)
with over-fly areas at both ends and to the south. There will be separate areas
designates for helicopters on the east end of the field. We value your input
and will at times make adjustment to published procedures to improve
the event. Make sure to get the most up to date information at the morning
pilots meetings."

Schedule of Events: The fly-in begins Thursday morning at 9:00am and continues until 9:00am Sunday morning.There will be a designated flight line and all flying will be conducted beyond (south of) that line of this line, away from the
spectators. Unless there is a specific event going on at show center or another
designated portion of the flight line, the full field is available for open
flying throughout the event. The field will be available for open flying to all
after the event is over. There will be several sessions of full contact combat
scheduled for show center throughout the event. Pilots meetings will be held on
Friday and Saturday at 10am. Unlike other pilots meetings, these are not so
much about the event staff disseminating rules, but instead, they are
opportunities for pilots to give feedback and for staff to share the changes
that this feedback yields. If you are worried that you will not get a
sufficient dose of rules don’t worry. You may refer to your pilot package for a
complete list of event rules and guidelines."

Food: Food: Our food vendor, Kate's Soul Food, will be on site serving a wide variety of home cooking. They will be serving lunch all three days as well as breakfast on Friday and Saturday."

T-Shirts: Event t-shirts can be ordered during pre-registration. There will probably be some shirts available at the event but these will be limited and expected to sell out quickly. If you want shirts you should order them during pre-registration to assure that you get one.

Raffle: Our sponsors have generously donated many items to our raffle. Open Raffle tickets will be sold during pre-registration and at the event. Winning tickets will be drawn starting on Friday and drawings will continue throughout Friday and Saturday. If your ticket is drawn you have to come up to show center to claim your prize. If a prize remains unclaimed at the end of the day Friday it will be drawn for again on Saturday. If one of the Saturday prizes in not claimed by 3pm it will be drawn for again at that time until it is awarded. NOTE: This raffle is completely separate form the Registered Pilot’s Raffle.

Camping: There are several RV spots available with water and power. If you are interested in one of these sites you may make reservations as you register. These sites go quickly so don’t delay if you want one. Tent camping or RV Camping on the field without power or water is free. Please make sure that you are set up in an appropriate location. We do not want anyone trying to camp in one of our specially designated flying locations or in one of the major ‘roadways’ around the facility. Any of the event staff or the Hodgehounds can help you to find an appropriate location if you need help.


Additional Needs at the Event: If you need help at the event please do not hesitate to ask. The event staff will be more than happy to help with any issues you may have. We will do our best to accommodate your needs as best we can. Please understand that we will also be trying to get in some (hopefully a lot of) flying at the event as well as socializing and catching up with friends. If you need something we will usually be around show center and the registration booth. If you cannot find us there, ask anyone in the Hodgehound camp (you can’t miss it) and they will direct you to one of the staff members. Another good reason to come to the Pilots Briefing is to introduce yourself and let us introduce ourselves to you. This way you can just recognize the staff and pull us aside as needed. We are an easy going and approachable group and will be glad to talk with you and help you as much as we can.